Have you switched your packaging scheme?

Switching your packaging compliance scheme may seem daunting. However, with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) imminent, there is no better time to review your scheme.

To reduce costs, get a personalised service that works for your business and get better informed on incoming legislation, it is important to review your packaging scheme now because most companies need to provide notice before the end of September.

Why should I switch packaging schemes?

As with energy, broadband and current accounts, the main reason for reviewing your provider is to switch and save.

We strongly encourage all obligated producers to review their options. Why pay more or suffer from poor service when switching is so easy?

Switching your packaging scheme could save you a significant amount of money and time. We have found countless examples of companies overpaying for years because their existing scheme has not uncovered inaccurate data.

A new scheme choice will allow for a detailed review of your packaging obligation and whether you are under or overpaying. With the introduction of EPR for packaging in 2023, a small mistake in your obligation could cost you a large amount of money.

Work with a scheme that will give you a personal service and a named account manager with industry expertise. At this time, it is crucial to cost to have support from your compliance provider.

How can I switch packaging schemes?

Switching to Clarity is hassle free and easy to do. All you need to do is:

  1. Send a resignation email to your current scheme before the 30th of September
  2. Review your packaging compliance options with Clarity’s helpful team of Account Managers
  3. Let us do the rest. We will take care of the switch and help you ensure you are EPR ready for 2023.

How can we support you in your switch?

The process could not be simpler, just a few moments spent switching now could save you on cost, time, and resource in the future.

Please click the button below to see how we can support you in your switch.

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