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Extended Producer Responsibility

Are you obligated under the packaging regulations?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is one of four ongoing areas of reform to the UK & Resources Waste strategy alongside Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), Plastic Packaging Tax and consistency of waste collections, which will have a phased implementation from 2023 and will have a huge effect on those who place packaging onto the UK market.

Are you prepared for EPR?

The Government announced its formal EPR consultation response in March 2022, and this pragmatic response utilises the existing recycling infrastructure and funding mechanism (PRNs) and changes the funding of local authority recycling collections.

To achieve this, more complex data is needed and increased payment from producers and importers.

Clarity is the best positioned compliance scheme to help producers & importers navigate the changing requirements of EPR, and to help them reduce the cost impact.

Extended Producer Responsibility

Timeline for the introduction of EPR for businesses:

January 2018

Theresa May sets out UK 25-year environmental plan

December 2018

The UK Resources and Waste Strategy is published

February 2019

Defra releases first consultations, in three parts

24th March 2021

Second round of consultation released

28th March 2022

Second consultation responses published

1st January 2023

Producers to begin recording packaging data under EPR format

October 2023

First EPR data submission

April 2024

Phase One EPR in place, legislative changes introduced and first EPR billing


Introduction of modulated fees for producers

EPR for Packaging Producers

Extended Producer Responsibility transfers the financial onus of the collection and management of packaging waste from the consumer to those who place the packaging onto the UK market. In the current system different parts of the supply chain take on a different percentage of the obligation; under EPR there is a single point of compliance, with the responsibilities placed predominantly on brand owners and importers.

Changes include:

– An increase in how much producers pay for packaging compliance – EPR is set to generate £1.7bn

– Increased reporting in more granular, EPR format.

– Modulated fees.

– Additional reporting requirements for businesses with a turnover of £1m and placing 25 tonnes of packaging onto the UK market.

– Introduction of a scheme administrator.

Comply with Clarity

With one of the largest packaging schemes in the UK, our members receive a bespoke service tailored to the needs of their business as well as comprehensive guidance and specialist support on environmental legislation.

We believe in a low cost, but high quality service that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability, our members are provided with trusted recycling evidence and quality recycling solutions.

Complete Data Solutions

Under upcoming and existing environmental regulations such as the EPR system and Plastic Packaging Tax, data submissions are becoming more demanding than ever. We have developed a robust team of data experts – onhand to ease the newfound complexity of data submissions under EPR.

The Complete Data solutions team ensure a constructive and personalised service, offering guidance on data accuracy and completeness, cost saving initiatives and optimisation of your packaging to meet your sustainability goals.

Shared Responsibility and Extended Producer Responsibility: What’s changing?

Clarity explains the key differences between the two systems and how obligated producers will comply with the new regulations.

2nd March 2023

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DRS: Progress and setbacks

The Scheme Administrator, Circularity Scotland, for Scotland’s impending Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) announced a “significant package” of measures to support drinks producers prepare for the DRS.

27th February 2023

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January PRN data released

Despite concerns in the latter part of the year over a few of the grades meeting their requirements, targets were met once factoring in the 2021 carry over

20th February 2023

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