Clarity launches flagship partnership with Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

We are proud to have launched a new flagship partnership project with the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), committing to our support of its ‘Blue Recovery’ campaign. This partnership will deliver major benefits for the UK’s wetlands, and the communities and wildlife who depend on them.

In the UK and around the world, we are facing escalating crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and worsening mental health and wellbeing. These global issues have been compounded by the pandemic, and driven partly by the loss of important habitats, such as wetlands.

With our support, WWT will enhance and protect critically important wetland habitat across our network of UK wetland sites through a series of conservation projects. Projects will include the creation of new wetland habitat, the development of a new reed bed to naturally treat waste water, the installation of natural flood management features such as farmland ponds, and the removal of non-native invasive species which threaten biodiversity.

"With a shared commitment to achieve a greener, more sustainable post-pandemic recovery, this is an exciting flagship partnership "

David Honcoop, Managing Director

David Honcoop, Managing Director at Clarity Environmental, said: “With a shared commitment to protect nature for people and planet, and achieve a greener, more sustainable post-pandemic recovery, this is a really exciting flagship partnership. We are extremely proud to be able to support WWT with this powerful campaign and look forward to seeing and updating on the wetland restoration and protection activity that our donation will contribute to over the next two years.”

For 75 years, WWT has been restoring and creating wetlands, protecting endangered species and habitats, and inspiring communities to connect with and value the amazing things that wetlands can do for us in the UK and internationally.

The charities Blue Recovery campaign, launched earlier this year, aims to create, restore and protect 100,000 hectares across the UK. With 50% of wetlands lost globally in the last 100 years, creating a bigger, healthier network of wetlands in the UK will bring a range of benefits, including:

– Capture and lock in carbon, preventing it from being released into the atmosphere and accelerating climate change.
– Prevent flooding by trapping rainfall and slowing the flow of water across landscapes, protecting our communities.
– Help people to connect with nature and improve their health and wellbeing.
– Restore water bodies by removing pesticides, sediment and pollutants.
– Enhance and protect the biodiversity of our plant life and wildlife.

WWT Chair, Barnaby Briggs, said: “At WWT, we are really proud to work together with the UK’s most sustainable businesses who share our commitment to protect wetland nature for people and planet. As WWT’s first ‘Blue Recovery’ partner, Clarity Environmental’s support over the next two years will help us to kick-start critical conservation projects to help counter the threats facing wetlands across the UK. Together, we can help restore our lost wetlands and create new ones to help solve today’s pressing climate, nature and wellbeing crises, creating a ‘Blue Recovery’ from the Covid-19 pandemic.”


Clarity Cares

In 2018, Clarity Environmental formalised a commitment to corporate social responsibility by creating the Clarity Cares programme. This is our promise to donate profits to good causes.

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