Clarity Environmental strengthens planet commitment as it joins ‘Buy an Acre’ programme

We have further strengthened our commitment to the planet, with the announcement of a new charity partnership with the World Land Trust this month. Our latest pledge for good causes sees us purchase 200 acres of threatened habitat in areas of Central and South America, ensuring it is protected for the future.

Habitat loss is the greatest threat facing wildlife worldwide. The earth’s forests and other habitats continue to disappear as they are subject to threats including harvesting for human consumption and clearance to make way for agriculture, illegal logging and industrial development.

Our £20,000 donation to the World Land Trust’s ‘Buy an Acre’ scheme has been made on behalf of the businesses we have worked with over the course of this year. With a further pledge to donate to the programme in 2022, we will continue to save vital land for conservation, increasing our support alongside the growth of our business next year.

The World Land Trust’s ‘Buy an Acre’ scheme aims to protect the world’s most biodiverse habitats one acre at a time, with current projects taking place in Argentina, Belize and Brazil. For every £100 donated to the programme, one of the charity’s overseas partners can purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity for wildlife. Every acre saved becomes part of a larger reserve so that the habitat and everything living within it is protected.

By working with the ‘Buy an Acre’ programme, we are doing our bit at Clarity Environmental to help reverse global warming and biodiversity loss. With our initial donation protecting the equivalent of 3,200 tennis courts of land, we look forward to seeing this grow over the next year, ensuring a future for wildlife.

"We are thrilled to be supporting the World Land Trust in protecting vital areas of land for the benefit of wildlife for years to come."

David Honcoop, Managing Director

Managing Director at Clarity Environmental, David Honcoop, said: “We are thrilled to be supporting the World Land Trust in protecting vital areas of land for the benefit of wildlife for years to come. The climate emergency has received worldwide attention this year, but COP26 has also highlighted the fact that biodiversity loss is an equal threat and one that cannot be solved without addressing the other.

“This project shows the real difference that collective action can make – something we are passionate about, and the driver behind one of our own programmes, which is supporting like-minded businesses to achieve a more responsible and informed way to comply with the packaging regulations. It is thanks to all of the businesses that have worked with us this year that we are able to lend our support to charities like the World Land Trust. We thank you for your continued support which ensures we continue our mission to be a good business that does good.”


Clarity Cares

In 2018, Clarity Environmental formalised a commitment to corporate social responsibility by creating the Clarity Cares programme. This is our promise to donate profits to good causes.

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