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Why choose Comply with Clarity?

We have helped thousands of companies comply with the Producer Responsibility Obligations for both the packaging and WEEE regulations since the start of our business. With our low cost, high quality and simple to use approach, it’s clear to see why so many businesses trust us with their WEEE obligation.

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Accurate Data Submissions

Each time we make our submission to the Environment Agency on behalf of our members, we are confident that it is as accurate as is reasonably possible. Our members’ quarterly data is subjected to several electronic and, if necessary, manual checks before submission. Our website automatically checks the data and flags any errors or drastic differences in submission from previous quarters. Where necessary our Account Manager also carries out manual data checks.

Driving down the cost of WEEE compliance

We have offered some of the lowest WEEE compliance in the industry, which in turn has led our competitors to follow suit. We believe it is possible to deliver low-cost compliance whilst offering second-to-none support and exceptional customer service. Alongside cost-effective membership, our WEEE recycling network also means we can get the best prices possible for our members’ WEEE obligations.

We Put our Members First

We are proud of the exceptional customer service we give to our members and always strive to put them first. Our experienced team provide advice throughout the process of arranging compliance with the regulations, and beyond. Regular newsletters and communication ensure our members are kept up to date with any regulation or industry changes that may affect them.

Professional approach, easy to book collection via the online portal, and always in touch with data and the newest updates. Thank you for your help.

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We are confident that we can give you the best deal for your WEEE compliance, with a variety of membership options, exceptional member support, and easy to use online members’ area.

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Our Members' Area is designed to simplify and streamline the path to compliance.

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Clarity Cares

We have made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns.

We donate to a range of causes that exist to make a difference to the world we live in, and the people that occupy it. We are also particularly keen to consider those charities or causes that have an association with our staff members or customers and suppliers.

Membership to our WEEE compliance scheme is subject to our terms and conditions.

Shared Responsibility and Extended Producer Responsibility: What’s changing?

Clarity explains the key differences between the two systems and how obligated producers will comply with the new regulations.

2nd March 2023

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DRS: Progress and setbacks

The Scheme Administrator, Circularity Scotland, for Scotland’s impending Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) announced a “significant package” of measures to support drinks producers prepare for the DRS.

27th February 2023

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January PRN data released

Despite concerns in the latter part of the year over a few of the grades meeting their requirements, targets were met once factoring in the 2021 carry over

20th February 2023

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