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Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard

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Achieve safer, more sustainable and responsible compliance with the packaging regulations with Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard (CREQS).  

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What is CREQS?

Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard (CREQS) is an industry first standard for the packaging waste supply chain, providing a level of assurance to recycling evidence that has never been seen before. CREQS can ensure your business achieves safer, more responsible and higher quality compliance with the packaging waste regulations. We are proud to lead the way in providing a more responsible and informed way for businesses to comply with the packaging regulations.

How does it work?

Under the Packaging Waste Regulations, obligated producers are required to pay towards packaging recycling by buying evidence in the form of packaging recovery notes (PRNs) from reprocessors or exporters. At Clarity, we directly procure evidence on behalf of our own packaging compliance scheme members, as well as for other compliance schemes and direct registrants.

Managed by our in-house supply chain intelligence division, Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard carries out over 40 assessment checks on UK reprocessors and exporters. Purchasers of packaging recovery notes, such as compliance schemes and direct registrants, are given an overall assurance score and thorough audit report prior to agreeing the purchase of recycling evidence. This score will allow businesses to confidently purchase quality PRNs from approved suppliers and supports us to provide our packaging compliance members with safe, responsibly-sourced and traceable recycling evidence.

Become an approved PRN supplier

If you are a UK reprocessor or exporter, we can help your business to get recognition for its efforts to drive forward quality recycling. Work with us and you could become a trusted supplier to one of the UK’s fastest growing compliance schemes. Our team will work with you, providing support and guidance where needed to enable you to become a business partner and a supplier of recycling evidence to our customers.

Buy with confidence

Our new recycling evidence quality standard provides a level of reassurance and visibility that has never been seen before. Alongside the significant changes in packaging waste regulations, packaging producers’ are facing ever demanding corporate social responsibility requirements, with increasing emphasis on supply chain governance. Our quality assurance standard provides reassurance to our customers that their PRN revenue is being spent on ethical, audited and safer recycling evidence. By working with Clarity your business can help to drive a more sustainable industry and make decisions that put people and planet first.

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