Martin Trigg-Knight announced as chair of Packaging Scheme Forum

The Packaging Scheme Forum (PSF) – the industry body that represents packaging compliance schemes in the UK – has confirmed the appointment of Clarity’s Head of Packaging, Martin Trigg-Knight, as its new chair from 1 July 2021.

Martin brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having worked on all aspects of compliance with first-hand experience working with both UK producers, leading Clarity’s packaging compliance scheme, as well as reprocessers through the company’s in-house PRN trading division. Previously chaired by Robbie Staniforth, Head of Innovation and Policy at Ecosurety, Martin takes on this role ahead of some major changes within the packaging compliance sector following the Government’s EPR reform.

"I am delighted to take on the role of PSF Chair, which comes at a challenging time for the industry."

Martin Trigg-Knight, Head of Packaging, Clarity Environmental

Commenting on his appointment as Chairman of the PSF, Martin Trigg-Knight said: “I am delighted to take on the role of PSF Chair, which comes at a challenging time for the industry. I believe that packaging compliance schemes can be a valuable resource to assist producers and government with a smooth transition to EPR and have the capacity to work closely with the industry to make EPR the success we all want.

“Through my work both in Clarity’s PRNs trading division and leading our own scheme, I come to the post with a deep understanding of the way the industry functions, and the complex interactions between all points of data, material, and production that constitute producer responsibility. I look forward to being able to share this expertise and continuing the great work by the forum, which has enabled such positive and open communication with Government so far.”

The Packaging Scheme Forum

The Packaging Scheme Forum (PSF) was formed to provide a broad collective voice for packaging compliance schemes (PCSs). It currently represent 93% of registered producers and 97% of producers registered with compliance schemes across a range of industry groups such as: automotive, chemical manufacturing, engineering, food and drink manufacturing, apparel, sports and leisure, medical and retail sectors.

Our industry and members are facing significant changes and the aim of the PSF is to provide feedback, guidance and advice to influence the decision-making process. The PSF has considerable expertise and experience of the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations and collectively we are ideally placed to liaise with Defra and the Agencies. By working together, we can ensure the best result for the UK, our industry and our producers.

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