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Clarity has been trading packaging recovery notes since the start of our business in 2002. We offer a variety of ways to procure PRN evidence to meet our customers’ packaging compliance obligation, either over the web or by telephone.

Spot PRN trade

As the name suggests, a spot trade is ‘on the spot’ procurement of either single or multiple packaging recovery note (PRN) grades. Payment is generally due immediately, but can also be made by rapid, standard or extended settlement. Call us if you want to purchase PRNs and we will give you an up-to-date quote.

Single invoice

Trade PRNs with Clarity and you can procure your entire packaging compliance obligation, however many PRN grades, on a single invoice. We will obtain prices in every grade and present you with a single invoice. This option is designed for those businesses wanting to simplify the procurement process.

Extended credit terms

We understand that most businesses have to obtain clearance from a finance or purchasing department to procure their packaging recycling note obligation. Clarity is able to negotiate credit terms on your behalf: simply tell us your requirements and we will speak to the counterparty.

Two-part contracts

Budget for your packaging recovery note obligation in advance of the registration deadline and procure your evidence in two parts. Simply give us your previous year’s obligation and we will prepare a fixed price per tonne contract based on your figures.

In January, we will bill you for half of the contract, with the remainder billed at the same price once you have worked out your actual obligation. This solution is quick, simple and completed by the middle of the packaging compliance year.

Forward contracts

Spread the cost of your obligation by procuring your PRNs over an extended period of time (two to twelve months) or in a one-off booking in the future. By offering either a fixed price or agreeing prices on a monthly basis, this solution is best suited to larger PRN obligations.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell PRNs, or if you are a packaging compliance scheme or direct registrant obligated under the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations, Clarity’s market-leading team can offer flexible trading options for Packaging Recovery Note (PRNs).

All PRN sales and purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.

Scotland’s DRS delayed until October 2025 “at the earliest”

On Wednesday the 7th June, Circular Economy Minister, Lorna Slater announced that Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme will be delayed until October 2025 "at the earliest"

9th June 2023

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EPR for packaging: How to prepare

To assist businesses in preparing for EPR, Clarity has put together the following guide on what you need to do in order to comply with UK EPR, and how to prepare for phase two of the new legislation.

7th June 2023

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Progress Towards 2023 Recycling Targets: April data release and updated 2023 obligation

April was a weaker month for UK recycling with many grades missing their monthly targets, however with the current obligation data available, most grades appear remain ahead of year to date targets, with Glass being the only grade falling behind.

7th June 2023

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