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Sustainable Packaging Workshops

Sustainable packaging workshops

The UK produces around 10 million tonnes of packaging waste each year. With consumers becoming increasingly hostile towards wasteful, misleading and hard–to-use packaging, being recognised as a green organisation can boost sales, improve brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

How we can help

There are more options than ever before for businesses to ensure that their packaging is sustainable. Comply with Clarity and we will go beyond compliance to help ensure that your business is green enough to grow.

Our workshops can provide you with the diagnostic and creative input to help you plot a path to sustainability and profit. Let us take a close look at your packaging and we can work with your business to reduce your waste and material use, whilst helping you to reduce costs. Our workshops can be tailored to meet the demands of your business.

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Green Enough to Grow: An Environmental Impact Workshop

Designed to help your business understand the impact of its packaging, we can take a close look at your packaging – and the plastic in your supply chain – and help your business stand out from the competition.

We will design, facilitate and present a tailored workshop to give your company a practical snapshot of its plastics exposure and provide a diagnostic review of product and packaging. We will present and discuss materials and processes that can reduce costs and overall carbon footprint.

This workshop will include:

The consumer view: external pressures and demand.

The business view: the drivers for incorporating sustainable thinking

The supply chain view: sustainable design principles.

Packaging assessment: group analysis of packaging.

Practical re-design of packs, with scoring and ranking analysis.

Design Out Waste: A Circular Economy Packaging Innovation Workshop

If you place products on the market, you may already comply with Producer Responsibility legislation. But is your business planning for plastic-free aisles, packaging take-back and much stricter end-of-life rules on your products and packaging?

This workshop will benefit any manufacturer or packaging business that wants to optimise its packaging to reduce material use and waste, reduce packaging spend and minimise transport costs.

We will identify key risks and identify possible solutions for using cleaner design to protect and grow your business.

This workshop will include:

Packaging eco-design

Regulatory requirements

Packaging weight reduction

Packaging materials


Comply with Clarity

Companies who handle packaging in the UK are subject to the Packaging Regulations. We work with these businesses, helping them to comply with current regulations. Our clear and transparent charges and trade price packaging recovery notes can help your business to comply for less.

If you would like to join Clarity, moving to our scheme couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch and we’ll do the rest for you. Find out what you could save by complying with Clarity.

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2nd November 2022

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1st November 2022

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On the 28th October, Defra published its highly anticipated summary of consultation responses and government response to the Packaging Recovery Note (PRN) and Packaging Export Recovery Note reform consultation.

31st October 2022

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