New World Biogas Association launched

A new trade association has been launched to support the anaerobic digestion (AD) industry worldwide. The World Biogas Association (WBA) was announced at the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP 22 in Marrakesh. The association has been established to demonstrate the huge contribution the biogas and anaerobic industries make to the UN’s sustainable and development goals, and is dedicated to supporting the growth of biogas and AD technologies to maximise their contribution to the UNFCCC Commitments.

David Newman will serve as president of the WBA. He currently also serves as president of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), and is managing director of the Bio-Based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA), which represents companies producing biodegradable polymers. Launching the trade association, David Newman said:

"I am delighted to see this global perspective from the biogas industry. The potential to provide energy security by transforming the millions of tonnes of organic wastes which today are largely unused, is a huge potential indeed. We are part of the Circular Economy, recovering energy and nutrients otherwise lost. We are part of the Bio Economy, delivering feedstocks to potential new industries, through Green Chemistry. We are part of the emancipation of communities detached from electric and gas grids, giving them energy autonomy. We are an ingredient of sustainability, delivering nutrients and renewable energy to the planet. And we have no time to lose to make this happen on a global scale."

The WBA is inviting companies, associations, universities, professionals and other organisations have been invited to be part of the biggest global community demonstrating and delivering the value that anaerobic digestion and biogas contribute across all sectors by:

  • Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by around 20 per cent.
  • Delivering flexible, storable baseload green gas.
  • Fuelling HGVs, buses, tractors and other vehicles.
  • Reducing and recycling food waste.
  • Recycling sewage and waste water.
  • Returning carbon to the farm.
  • Keeping farmers farming sustainably.
  • Restoring our depleted soils.
  • Providing energy and biofertiliser to communities and villages in developing countries.
  • Reducing poverty and hunger.

The UK’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) is one of the organisations to have backed the establishment. Welcoming the new association, the Chief Executive of the UK's Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), Charlotte Morton, said:

"The establishment of the World Biogas Association will help showcase AD's ability to meet a huge range of global challenges, and ADBA is delighted to be a founder member of the association.

"Biogas is set to become a cheaper energy source than coal, and AD should become one of the leading technologies for mitigating climate change, improving sanitation, ensuring energy and food security and reducing poverty and hunger.

"Demonstrating the international potential of our technology helps us make the case for national support. The UK could be a global leader in what could become a £1 trillion biogas industry, exporting expertise and equipment worth billions of pounds and creating tens of thousands of jobs."

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