Clarity launches grade C waste wood division to great response

Clarity launched a brand new wood service to waste transfer stations and the demolition industry in early March, garnering a huge amount of interest from the industry.

Using our vast experience in the waste and recycling sector, the service sits perfectly alongside our refuse derived fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF) services to ensure grade C waste wood is converted to energy. The service is not only good for the environment, but also provides clients with a series of unique benefits. These include:

  • an opportunity to conform to new EA Regulations
  • fixed annual contracts available to mitigate seasonal price fluctuations
  • four tonnes minimum volume
  • guaranteed year round service
  • self-delivery or collection available

How it works
Grade C wood recycled by us is converted into biomass fuel and delivered to power stations to provide energy solutions for local households. Wood that is burned for fuel does not create any more CO2 than wood left to rot naturally.

Guaranteed year-round service
Wood recycling sites often go through periods of closure owing to fluctuations in the market, and landfill can be expensive. We are open year round with a fixed gate fee allowing you to not only plan your annual budget, but avoid going to landfill, helping your business become 100% recovered. 

An additional benefit of this year-round service is that it aids compliance with EA regulations. These state that wood should not be stored for more than 6 months at any site which does not conform to certain fire regulations. Our service ensures that users will be able to compy with EA regulations wthout relying on expensive landfill.

Deliver in or collect
Waste wood can be delivered to an approved Clarity processing site or collected by us. All we ask is that you have a minimum of four tonnes waste wood volume.

Ian Roberts, head of Clarity's waste wood division, said: "Since we launched, I've been talking to lots of people about using Clarity to recycle their Grade C waste wood. It proves how well positioned we are in the market to take this forward into another very successful venture for Clarity."

How wood is graded
We accept grade C wood. To understand how it is classified it's important to know about the other grades of waste wood too.

All grades of wood must have only minimum contamination of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (for example, nails, screws, banding, window catches, door handles, latches etc.).

  • Grade A
    Clean softwood and hardwood timber off-cuts, pallets and packaging – all materials must be free from paint

  • Grade B
    Grade A material plus painted softwood and hardwood, window frames, roof trusses, floor boards, solid wood doors, sheds, decking, fencing. In addition, grade B wood can include up to 10 percent of:

    • un-faced chipboard
    • melamine-faced chipboard
    • hardboard
    • OSB
    • MDF
    • plywood

  • Grade C
    Grade B material containing between 10 percent and 50 percent of:

    • un-faced chipboard
    • melamine-faced chipboard
    • hardboard
    • OSB
    • MDF
    • plywood

  • Grade D
    Grade B material containing greater than 50 percent of:

    • un-faced chipboard
    • melamine-faced chipboard
    • hardboard
    • OSB
    • MDF
    • plywood

  • Unacceptable materials
    Grade C (and all other grades of wood) is not acceptable if is contaminated with any of the materials listed below - all contaminating materials must be segregated at source:

    • paper, cardboard, upholstery (for example, chair fabric, foam etc.), plasterboard, plastic, glass (must be completely removed from doors and window frames), roof coverings containing felt or tar, aggregates (for example, soil, sand, stones, bricks, ash)
    • general industrial or domestic refuse, green waste (for instance, foliage, twigs, leaves etc.)
    • hazardous wood waste including: telegraph poles, railway sleepers, creosote/CCA treated fence panels.

Segregation and disposal charges will be applied for contamination with unacceptable materials. Loads may also be rejected and charged accordingly.

Clarity’s waste and recycling team works with businesses across the UK. Get in touch with our team on 0845 129 7177 to find out how we can help you.


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