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Businesses must meet their packaging obligation under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations by procuring recycling evidence notes known as PRNs (packaging waste recovery notes).

The PRN system enables packaging producers to carry out their obligations to recycle packaging waste through the purchasing of PRNs and PERNs (packaging waste export recovery notes). This provides evidence of the recovery or recycling being carried out, and is a substitute for businesses meeting their obligation through their own recycling efforts.

There are six materials for which a business might have an obligation; plastic, paper, glass, aluminium, steel and wood.  Businesses must calculate their packaging obligation for the compliance year for each specific material, purchasing enough PRNs to cover those that they have performed activity on.

PRNs are sold on an open market which means that prices fluctuate according to the supply and demand of a particular grade.  If there is a perceived shortage of PRNs then prices are likely to increase in response, but if there is a perceived excess of PRNs, the prices will decrease.

PRNs are investment tools which ensure that recycling and recovery continues to grow. Reprocessors generate income through the sale of packaging recovery notes, which can then be reinvested in recycling projects to ensure that the UK meets its obligations under the European Regulations.

Export packaging recovery notes income can be used to finance the transportation of recyclables to overseas reprocessors.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell PRNs, or if you are a packaging compliance scheme or direct registrant obligated under the Producer Responsibility (Packaging Waste) Regulations, Clarity's market-leading team can offer flexible trading options for Packaging Recovery Note (PRNs).

PRN definitions

A PRN is a Packaging Waste Recovery Note issued by an accredited reprocessor, as evidence of the receipt of a certain tonnage of packaging waste for reprocessing within the UK.

A PERN is a Packaging Waste Export Recovery Note issued by an accredited reprocessor, as evidence of the export of a certain tonnage of packaging waste for reprocessing outside the United Kingdom.

A Reprocessor is an accredited recycler or waste exporter for the purposes of recycling who converts the packaging waste, discarded by UK businesses and households, into reusable raw materials.

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