Design Out Waste: A Circular Economy packaging innovation workshop

The UK produces around 10 million tonnes of packaging waste each year. Design plays a fundamental role in environmental protection and packaging eco-design can minimise overall life cycle impacts of packaging, whilst maintaining or improving performance and cutting costs.

The circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. Relying on system-wide innovation, it aims to redefine products and services to design out waste, while minimising negative impacts.

If you place products on the market, you may already comply with Producer Responsibility legislation. But is your business planning for plastic-free aisles, packaging take-back and much stricter end-of-life rules on your products and packaging?

Together we can be a part of the solution. Comply with Clarity and we will go beyond compliance to help ensure that your business is green enough to grow.

The workshop

A diagnostic eco-design workshop to identify key risks and identify possible solutions. Through offline analysis and a lively eco-design workshop, we will help you use cleaner design to protect and grow your business.

This workshop will benefit any manufacturer or packaging business that wants to optimise its packaging to reduce material use and waste, reduce packaging spend and minimise transport costs.

You will receive initial analysis and benchmarking of your higher volume products and packaging prior to running a workshop session. We will then consider the carbon impact of materials and use the data to propose alternatives and generate new ideas.

This workshop will include:

  1. What is packaging eco-design?
  2. Regulatory requirements.
  3. Principles and tools.
  4. Product protection and handling.
  5. Testing packaging.
  6. Packaging materials.
  7. Light/Right-weighting.
  8. Reusable (transit) packaging.
  9. Recyclability.

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