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We have made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns.

All of our Clarity Cares donations are managed by our internal charity committee who meet four times a year to decide on the causes, charities or projects that our business will choose to support each quarter.


Supporting research into the extent of microplastics

We have given a £5000 grant to The Big Microplastic Survey, a project investigating the problem of microplastics and mesoplastic in rivers, lakes and coastal regions.

Microplastics are one of the most critical problems facing our oceans. Run by UK charity, Just One Ocean, in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, The Big Microplastic Survey is a global citizen science project where volunteers take samples to provide information about the extent and location of microplastics around the world.

David Honcoop, Managing Director at Clarity Environmental, explained why our committee chose to donate to this project: "Whilst microplastics are unseen, they are everywhere around us. It is an alarming issue and yet we don't fully understand the scale of the problem or how it is impacting on marine wildlife and human health. I am delighted that we can support this project to help it progress into the next phase. The development of a database will provide vital information for scientists and decision makers."

Since it started, The Big Microplastic Survey project has had a huge response, both from individuals who want to be involved in helping to resolve the microplastic issue, as well as academic institutions and government departments. With 45 countries reached thus far, data is being gathered that will help to understand the microplastics problem around the world.

Our grant will help the project to achieve its goal; the development of a collective, self-sustaining and openly accessible source of microplastic data for scientists and researchers, governments and nongovernment organisations.


Donating to surf therapy

With our office located by the sea, we understand how the great outdoors can benefit your quality of life. And when we heard about a charity that uses the natural environment to benefit children and young people suffering with anxiety, health and trauma, we were inspired to offer our support.

Run by volunteers, The Wave Project was originally based in Cornwall but now operates all over the UK providing surf therapy. Children are referred by support workers, teachers and counsellors and attend a six-week course, which has been proven to help increase confidence and reduce anxiety.

Our Clarity Cares donation committee chose to donate £1,250 to The Wave Project in Q1, which will provide the funds for four children to go through a six-week therapy course.

Joe Taylor, Wave Project CEO, said of our contribution: "Thanks to the donations of generous companies such as Clarity Environmental, we are able to support more young people in the water and build their confidence and self-esteem through surfing. Surf Therapy is life changing for our young people and the importance of supporting it cannot be underestimated."

We are looking forward to seeing the Brighton volunteers in action when The Wave Project courses start up again for the summer months.


Giving the world a helping hand

Stephen Davies is a CAD (computer-aided design) engineer who was himself born without a hand. In his own search for a prosthetic, he met Drew Murray, an IT consultant from Milton Keynes who is part of a volunteer network called e-Nable that makes free 3D prosthetics for children.

The two joined forces, creating their own design, and in 2018 they became a registered charity, designing, building, and fitting 3D prosthetic limbs to children born without them. Team UnLimbited changes the lives of those who get the new limbs. Each device costs around £30, which means that our Clarity Cares donation of £1,500 will pay for 50 limbs.

Its amazing to see the difference the charity can make to someone's quality of life. Lottie is just one little girl who has benefitted from this wonderful charity with a 3D arm that allows her to grip and pick things up for the first time using her left arm. And this was not just any arm, this was a 'superhero arm', complete with rainbow and glitter.

Her mum, Michelle Dale explained how vital the work of Team UnLimbited is: "The work is vital to Lottie. It isn't just about enabling her to be like all other children; it allows her increased independence. Other prosthetics may be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye for others, but they are not functional. This is. And it is much more; it will help her physically with building up her muscles and will keep her spine straighter. It has also helped Lottie's confidence.

"As parents, we want Lottie to feel as normal as possible. With a difference that can be challenging. When she wears the superhero hand no one notices the actual arm beneath; they see the superhero hand and her excitement when completing tasks like throwing a ball. We can't thank Clarity enough for your kind donation to what is a very worthy cause."


Harvey's Gang

Harvey's Gang is another ambitious charity working to help young people. The charity was formed in 2013 after one inquisitive little boy asked what happened to his blood samples.

Harvey had spent many weeks in hospital after being diagnosed with leukaemia and was interested in what happened to his blood. It was arranged for Harvey to visit the pathology laboratory so that he could find out more. Chief Biomedical Scientist, Malcolm Robinson, took him around that day and he felt like he had made a difference to Harvey's life. More children asked to visit the pathology department and Harvey's Gang was born.

Harvey's Gang has now expanded to 90 sites, taking them across the whole South Coast and as far away as Tasmania. Our donation will support another 20 children to have Harvey's Gang tours. Malcolm Robinson, founder and now Chair of Harvey's Gang, was blown away by the donation: "Wow, what can I say! Thank you to Clarity for your help and support. We are a small charity with big aspirations. We still have a way to go and £1,000 means a huge amount to us as it is allowing us to fund another 20 children to have Harvey's Gang tours, by supplying white lab coats and goody bags. Harvey's Gang was set up to enable and empower children to understand more about their own healthcare and help them overcome the fear of having to have blood tests. The results are incredible, and we see many positive stories."


A Half Marathon on Behalf of Children's trust

Our team are just as passionate about Clarity Cares, and supporting great charities and organisations, as we are. Last month, Marketing Analyst, Edward Heyne, completed his first half marathon and, together with girlfriend Ella, raised £2,500 for The Children's Trust. After some small injury setbacks, we were hugely impressed at his finishing time of 1 hour 50 minutes, which was testament to his determination and dedication to training.

Edd said of the experience: "The ambition behind The Children's Trust is to give all children with brain injury and neurodisability the opportunity to live the best life possible. Taking part in the event was difficult but it was an incredible experience, particularly because it enabled us to raise vital funds for this wonderful charity. Thanks to the Clarity Cares committee for sponsoring us and to The Children's Trust for allowing us to run on their behalf."

We are so pleased that both Ella and Edd decided to undertake such an impressive physical challenge whilst raising money for a charity close to their hearts. Edd found the experience so enjoyable he's looking to sign up for a full marathon next year.


Update on our Canine Partners puppy

Last year we formed a partnership with assistance charity, Canine Partners, committing to the sponsorship of a dog that will go on to transform the life of someone with a physical disability. Now six months old, our sponsored dog, Claro, is progressing well through his training. Our donation of £1,250 is helping to ensure Claro get all the training required to make a real difference to his future owners' quality of life.

Proving to be a sweet, cuddly boy who likes to be close to people, he has settled in with his puppy parents. He loves being on buses and has been practising going in and out of lifts. He can be slightly sensitive in new situations, so his puppy parent is introducing him to places, people and other dogs in a gentle and cheerful way. We are always happy to receive news on Claro and we look forward to hearing more about his training later in the year.


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