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We have made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns.

All of our Clarity Cares donations are managed by our internal charity committee who meet four times a year to decide on the causes, charities or projects that our business will choose to support each quarter.


Hounds for Heroes

Hounds for Heroes provides assistance dogs for injured or disabled men and women who have served in the armed forces or emergency services. We have committed to an ongoing partnership with the charity, by donating £20,000 over a period of four years. Managing Director, David Honcoop, met with founder and Chair, Allen Parton, who was himself seriously injured whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

Allen created Hounds for Heroes so that injured personnel from the military and the 'blue-light' services might receive the same help that his service dog, Endal, had given him. In his words "We owe them a great debt, and this is our way of saying thank you".

Hounds for Heroes recruit between 8 and 12 puppies per year. They refer to each intake of puppies as a squadron and they recruit two squadrons consisting of at least four puppies of similar ages. Hounds for Heroes uniquely fully funds the whole life of the hounds. In this way, the provision of an Assistance Dog ensures the availability of the help offered as wide as possible. From the 24 months it usually takes to fully train, the residential training course and support through the partnership, the charity provides a lifeline to service men and women.

David Honcoop said "With our two resident Labradors, the Clarity team fully understands the joys a dog can bring, but to be able to offer dogs that can also facilitate independence to a service man or woman, it is a pleasure to know that our donation could help.

I look forward to seeing the progress made with each of the puppies in the squadron we are sponsoring, which we hope will have the same transformative impact on someone's life as it did for Allen. By supporting Hounds for Heroes we hope to use the success of our business to change one person's life for the better."



Our continued commitment to supporting Brighton based charity RISE meant we sponsored two staff members in their annual Heroes run, plus we donated to have a banner mark the 8km point in the race. RISE helps women affected by domestic abuse, offering practical help that ranges from direct advice to refuge accommodation for those whose lives are at risk. The annual Heroes Run is a 5km or 10km race, with participants donning their superhero outfits. This year's event fundraising was dedicated to the children's counselling service, a much-needed resource for children affected by domestic abuse.

Although our tag team seemed to have fate stacked against them, both suffering with illness and injury before the race, our Marketing Executive Charlotte rallied and, by her own omission, plodded the 10k route.

Charlotte said of the event: "It was such a lovely race, there was a great atmosphere, despite the threatening weather. Some amazing commitment to costumes from several runners made me feel lucky to only be hampered by a cape and mask; my favourites were the roman soldier whose outfit weighed 13kg and poor Zorro who was desperately trying to keep hold of his hat while running."

We will continue to support Rise and have already started to get a team together for their Undercliff 8km run in October.


Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain was founded in 1954 when the National Federation of Women's Institute passed a resolution to "Keep Britain Tidy". This charity works with people, businesses, local authorities and government to educate, innovate and inspire; improving the environment on everyone's doorstep. Keep Britain Tidy runs the country's biggest ever mass action environmental campaign. We donated to the charity on behalf of our own Brighton to Lands End litter pick, which was run alongside the Great British Spring Clean campaign and highlighted the importance of the work they do. Having reached our target of 250 miles, we donated £5 for every mile completed.

Over the course of the campaign, there were 17,097 clean-ups, 957,377 bags of litter (around 39% will be recycled) and 1.1 million hours spent litter picking. Allison Ogden-Newton, Keep Britain Tidy CEO said: "This campaign has been remarkable. It has shown that ordinary people do care about their environment and are willing to do something about it – a lesson that we need to take heart from as we look for ways to lessen the appalling impact our behaviours and lifestyles are having on our environment."

We celebrated the success of the campaign alongside some amazing organisations and companies at Westminster, hearing from some inspiring Litter Heroes. Lucy Brooks, our Communications Manager was extremely proud to see so many businesses and volunteers committing to environmental charities: "As a team we spent over 80 hours litter picking and the volume we cleared really shocked me. I think the outcome of the campaign by Keep Britain Tidy has not only made a real impact to green spaces across the country but raised public awareness about the volume of litter we must combat. Until you go out to clear litter you can't appreciate how much there is, with 563,163 people volunteering this year that a lot of people now considering where their waste goes and the potential harm it can do. I hope to see the amount of people getting involved grow year on year."


Over the Wall

Over the Wall provides seriously ill children, young people and families with free activity camps. Many miss out on childhood fun and friendship due to illness and endless hospital stays. With fully qualified doctors and nurses as volunteers, the camps have a clinically safe environment for children to build confidence and self-esteem, whilst making friends and having fun. They run camps for children with serious illness, separate camps for siblings and weekend family camps so they can all go together. This year the charity aims to have 1,000 children attending one of their camps and our donation of £1,000 will pay for two families to attend.

The values of Over the Wall really resonate with our beliefs and the work they do can make a huge impact on a child, and their families wellbeing. By encouraging inclusivity and acceptance, fun, safety, support and friendship, inspiration, escape and adventure they hosted 886 campers last year. With an estimated 50,000 children and young people in the UK living with a serious health issue the opportunities provided by Over the Wall can make a wonderful difference to quality of life and future development for these children.


Grocery Aid

We have donated £1,000 to Grocery Aid this quarter. This charity provides aid to people who currently, or have previously, worked in the grocery industry, providing financial, emotional and career support as well as legal advice. This charity has done some fantastic work for individuals and families, from helping a young woman of 17 complete her studies after her father (a supermarket manager) died, to keeping a young family in their home, and supporting a delivery driver with serious health issues.

Grocery Aid has been looking after the grocery industry for 162 years and we have donated on behalf of our members who work in this industry. With their work they cover a vast array of areas to support from mental health and loneliness to short-term and long-term financial aid. Over the past year Grocery Aid have helped 15,784 people and we look forward to seeing how our donation will be used in the coming months.


City to Sea

This quarter we donated £2,000 to the non-profit organisation City to Sea who specialise in running campaigns to prevent marine plastic pollution. By engaging communities, working with retailers and lobbying manufacturers and government, the organisation is working to reverse the trend for disposable items, helping to save our oceans for the future.

They run the water refill campaign; getting refill stations across the country to help people use fewer plastic bottles. Our donation has helped fund two 'Core City Starter Packs', which allow them to start a Refill Campaign in a city. Our donation means Runcorn (Cheshire) and Gower (Wales) have the resources to work in their communities to inspire change and tackle plastic pollution at source.

Alannah O'Rourke, Partnerships manager for City to Sea said "The Refill Campaign is due to prevent 100 million plastic bottles entering our waste stream by the end of 2019, and this growth wouldn't be possible without our over 200 volunteer-led community Refill Schemes. We're delighted that Clarity's funding has allowed us to grow two new schemes which will be working in their communities to inspire change and tackle plastic pollution at source."

Managing Director for Clarity Environmental, David Honcoop, commented: "We are extremely pleased to be working with City to Sea and contributing to the Refill campaign. The opportunity to help establish two new cities as part of the scheme is extremely rewarding.

"We value the environment around us, and with our offices located near the sea, we understand the impact that single use plastics can have upon marine life. Helping people to access tap water will make it much easier to choose reusable alternatives while on the go."


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