A good business doing good

We are on a mission to help improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

As an ethical, caring and honest business we recognise the positive impact we can have to help generate revenues for good causes. Our ability to make a difference to the world we live in is the key driving force behind everything that we do.

Our promise

We appreciate the importance of work that is being done by charities, community support and fundraising groups around the UK and across the world, and we understand the positive impact our business can have in helping to generate revenues or awareness for these causes. 

We have made a pledge to donate at least 1 per cent of our profits each quarter to charitable causes or awareness campaigns.

We donate to a range of causes that exist to make a difference to the world we live in, and the people that occupy it. We are also particularly keen to consider those charities or causes that have an association with our staff members or customers and suppliers.

How it works

All of our Clarity Cares donations are managed by our internal charity committee who meet four times a year to decide on the causes, charities or projects that our business will choose to support each quarter.

We actively encourage our members, customers, suppliers and staff to recommend a cause or charity that means something to them individually, or to their business. All recommendations are submitted to our charity donation committee for consideration at a future meeting.

True to our transparent nature, we publicise the decisions made by the committee, the donations we have made and to which causes, each quarter on our website and through our regular newsletters.

Helping us to do good

Each and every one of the businesses we work with is helping us to do good. We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for supporting our mission to improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live.

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