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Clarity provides environmental compliance, recycling and waste management solutions, helping businesses comply with UK & European environmental regulations with consideration to the indirect issues arising from our supply chain, through our suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.

We are passionate about our business, and about using its success to allow our employees and those we work with to make a difference to the world around us. We have always sought the most environmentally friendly methods of running our business, and we continually strive to reduce our own waste, energy and materials, as well as assisting those we work with to do the same. We are proud to have built our business on ethical and caring principles. We apply these values to every decision we make.

We continually strive to bring this ethical behaviour, as well as transparency and cost reduction, to the compliance, recovery and recycling sectors within which we work.

Our robust management system complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and takes into account the needs and expectations of all interested parties, whilst ensuring that we comply with all relevant legal requirements and regulations.

As an ambitious, knowledgeable team, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards in the delivery of our services. We ensure our customers and suppliers receive a friendly and fair service of the highest quality and value for money, whilst offering ethical and sustainable solutions for their business. We are committed to continuous improvement, and by seeking customer feedback and setting ourselves measurable targets, we are able to achieve our aims of long-term access and sustained improvements.

We care about our people. They are our biggest asset and we support the personal growth of each team member by providing the necessary training required for them to achieve the standards required, embracing diversity, encouraging ideas and talent, and actively looking after their health and wellbeing. In return, we are proud of our dedicated team who go above and beyond to help us achieve our mission, vision and values.

It is important to us that each member of our team is familiar with this policy and understands the importance of quality within our business.  Each one of us has the collective responsibility for ensuring that our values are projected in everything we do, and to understand how our individual contributions are important to Clarity's success.


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