As an employer

We are an ethical, caring and honest business and we apply these principles to every decision we make. Ethical behaviour is an integral part of what we do and we believe it is the best path for our customers and suppliers, our staff, and the environment.

Our people are the key to our success. We foster an open and inclusive culture for all, and encourage diversity. We treat our employees with respect and are proud of our equal opportunities. Our staff are consulted on matters that affect them, and they in turn play an active role in helping to shape our business.

In our business

We are committed to sustainable business principles and have sought to find the most environmentally friendly methods of running our business from day one. We are approved to ISO 9001 and 14001 for both our Quality and Environmental Management Systems, which underlines our commitment and dedication to maintaining the highest quality standards in the delivery of our services, whilst remaining as 'green' as we possibly can within a competitive market place.

To our customers and suppliers

We believe that sustainable customer and supplier relationships should be built on honesty and trust. Our customers and suppliers receive a friendly, fair and honest service that is of the highest quality and offers value for money. Where possible, we also aim to promote responsible behaviour in the supply chain.

To the environment

We are proud to fund Restored Earth, a UK charity with a mission to decontaminate land that has been used in the waste industry and return it to nature. Through our funds given to the charity, we have been able to support projects such as the Scrapyard Challenge, which is helping to clear a former car breaker’s yard and return it to nature.

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