As a supplier to Clarity, do I have to take part?

We do need our suppliers to work in partnership with us on this, which will ensure we future proof the recycling supply chain.

We want all of our suppliers to follow best practice and work with us so we can meet the needs of producers. By working together we can bring our suppliers closer to our scheme members for everyone’s benefit. Corporate Social Responsibility is of much greater importance to our members and the continuing scrutiny of waste issues mean we have to act proactively to continue these relationships.

Our industry is under more scrutiny than ever before and buyers are facing increased risk. Media reports have encouraged the narrative that exports are not acceptable, and evidence of UK waste being burnt at the side of the road in Turkey has surfaced in May 2021. By working together, we can help to future proof the industry, reinstate confidence in the system, and ensure our businesses can continue to grow and thrive in the face of these changes.

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