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Plastic Packaging Tax Webinar

The Plastic Packaging Tax is coming: Are you ready?

From April 2022, HMRC is introducing a new tax on plastic packaging. An estimated 20,000 businesses will be liable for the tax. The costs of not complying will be far greater than the costs of the tax on your plastic packaging. Take action now to ensure your business is prepared.

The Guide to Plastic Packaging Tax

From which businesses will be liable, to how to ensure you meet reporting requirements, find out everything there is to know with our guide to plastic packaging tax.

The Plastic Packaging Tax Calculator

The Plastic Packaging Tax will cost £200 per tonne of plastic packaging placed on the market. Work out your estimated liability with our Plastic Packaging Tax Calculator.

Packaging Waste Legislation

If you are new to waste regulations, there are other areas where the government requires packaging data to be submitted and payments made to reflect the amount of packaging placed onto the market. Find out more about these regulations for businesses and if you need to comply.

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What will the Plastic Tax cost my business?

The government has set a rate of £200 per tonne on plastic packaging placed onto the UK market that has less than 30% recycled plastic content. This rate will be subject to review to ensure that the tax remains effective in increasing the use of recycled plastic.

The costs to each business will vary. We can provide an impact assessment of the Plastic Packaging Tax on those businesses affected which will help you prepare for the changes ahead. Fill in our contact form to talk to us about getting a forecast of your costs, or if you have any questions or concerns about what the tax means for your business.

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    August data released

    Reasonable progress was made in August overall, but with only 3 out of 7 grades meeting their monthly target we will need to see consistent uplift in production rates to meet the yearly targets.

    3rd October 2022

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    EPR: The Complete Guide

    The implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is imminent and obligated businesses must begin preparing now.  

    1st September 2022

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    Only 5% of liable businesses registered to pay Plastic Packaging Tax

    It has been revealed that just 992 obligated UK businesses signed up to pay the plastic packaging tax (PPT) in the first month of registrations.

    1st September 2022

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