Ed Ewence

9th May 2022

Martin Trigg-Knight

3rd May 2022

Quarterly data released for Q1

2022 Q1 quarterly data shows lower PRN production across recycling as a whole than we saw in Q1 2021, with a difference of 189,000T.

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Jimmy Dorrell

27th April 2022

The rise in scrutiny of Greenwashing Practices

Greenwashing, the process of conveying a false impression about the environmental performance or impact of a product or process, Is under increasing scrutiny, from both legislators and consumers.

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Martin Trigg-Knight

26th April 2022

EPR: Guide to the 2nd Consultation for Packaging Producers

The second round of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consultations, which the resources and waste industry have been waiting for, for over a year, has finally been released.

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Martin Trigg-Knight

29th March 2022

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Consultation Released

The waste and resources sector have been waiting for the second consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to be released, after waiting over a year.

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Martin Trigg-Knight

29th March 2022

February Data Released

The data released from the NPWD for February shows a slight increase across most materials, with a marked increased in tonnage reported for glass and plastic.

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Charlotte Briggs

28th March 2022

Disclosure of climate data: who has to share?

From 2022 more than 1,300 of the UK's largest companies, including both traded and private companies, will be required to share their climate-related financial information on public record.

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Clarity Environmental launches #Recycling #QualityStandard   - http://letsrecycle.com https://buff.ly/3bhqY1s
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The sale of several single-use plastic items including plates and cutlery could be banned in Northern Ireland – but not in the rest of the UK – from 1 January 2022 or sooner https://bit.ly/3akQnaf #singleuse #plastic #NorthernIreland #UK #environment #waste

UK industry figures have hit out at confusion caused by the EA's interpretation of new restrictions on plastic waste export to Turkey https://bit.ly/3wSOr2o #news #waste #plastic #export #Turkey #singleuse #environment

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