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Jimmy Dorrell

Head of Sustainable Business

Jimmy joined our compliance division in 2018. With a background rooted in sustainability, with many years of experience in the recycling and eco design industry, as well as compliance and data.

Jimmy is helping to guide our packaging compliance members through a rapidly changing regulatory climate. Working alongside the account managers in our packaging compliance team, he helps to identify and provide additional support and services to our members.

Jimmy specialises in helping companies make the right packaging decisions, focussing on the commercial, the environmental and the consumer: people, planet and profit.

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Whatever your skills, we value integrity, honesty, loyalty and continual self-improvement. If we sound like the kind of company you would like to be a part of, and think you have the skills that could benefit our business, please get in touch by sending your CV and a covering letter to

Packaging companies urged to improve data to comply with ‘green’ claims law

Packaging companies urged to improve data to comply with ‘green’ claims law

24th September 2021

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RDF exports see significant drop

RDF exports from England totalled 1.35 million this year, according to analysis. This indicates a 25% fall over a year, and a fall of 35.2% for exports to the Netherlands.

22nd August 2021

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Businesses ‘unaware’ of Plastic Packaging Tax

A new study has found 83% of businesses are “not aware” of the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), which will be coming into force in April 2022.

20th August 2021

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