Our Environmental Policy

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Our Environmental Policy

As a leading provider of environmental compliance, recycling and waste management we recognise that our business activities can have a significant impact on the environment, and we have always sought to run our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible. It is our mission to help improve lives, protect nature and make the environment around us a better place to live. We will do this by:

– Working to reduce the impact of our operations, including that of our supply chain.

– Raising awareness of environmental issues by providing education, advice and solutions and helping businesses reduce their waste and find hidden revenue.

– Promoting conservation, protection and improvement of the environment by supporting environmental projects in the community through our charitable work with Clarity Cares.

– Setting ourselves improvement targets and ensuring that we achieve them by monitoring through internal audit and management review.


Commitment to the Environment

We centre ourselves around being ethical, caring and honest. We are committed to the protection of the environment by reducing our own waste, energy and materials and by operating in a way that prevents pollution to land, air and water. We also understand the importance of addressing the environmental impacts of our supply chain and favour a ‘green procurement’ policy, opting to work with those suppliers that share our environmental ethos and agree to our supplier code of conduct, which outlines our minimum environmental and ethical expectations and requirements.


Our promise

– We will improve the environmental performance of the business through successful integration of our Environmental Management System and regular internal audits to ensure its ongoing suitability.

– We will identify, abide by, and understand all compliance obligations, environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to our industry sector at European, national and local levels.

– We will recognise any additional environmental requirements that may be placed upon us by our customers.

– We will assess in advance where possible, any environmental impact resulting from business operations and adjust plans accordingly – setting and regularly reviewing objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement.

– We will adopt the practice of responsible energy management and sustainability through reduced consumption – controlling the use of energy, transport and natural resources, and encouraging energy efficiency.

– We will promote a culture of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to significantly reduce waste materials and increase recycling rates across the business.

– We will improve environmental awareness of staff by educating them in the importance of improved environmental performance and encouraging them to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

– We will ensure that any incidents and non-conformances are reported and recorded with root causes identified to ensure that corrective measures can be implemented accordingly.

– We will work with our customers, through our ‘Beyond Compliance’ services, to support their businesses to become more sustainable.


In 2012 we founded the Recycle with Clarity initiative, an ever-growing network of partner WEEE recycling sites put in place to encourage household recycling of waste electronics.

To ensure that this policy remains relevant to our operations, it will be reviewed annually or sooner if required, considering any changes in legislation, business activities and any other factors, such as customer requirements.

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