Total waste management

Is your business managing its waste in the best possible way? Could you achieve zero waste to landfill? Clarity can help your business reduce waste and find hidden revenue.

The cost of waste management is increasing each year in the UK, along with environmental legislation and landfill tax. This is leaving businesses with the difficult task of ensuring waste is dealt with properly, that the business has applied a duty of care and that they have reduced the impact of waste on the environment.

But waste recycling techniques have developed significantly and it makes more financial sense than ever before for businesses to divert waste from landfill and to recycle as much as possible. Most waste is someone else’s raw material and with the right management it can give your business increased revenue.

Our total waste management service

Clarity has a heritage in the waste & recycling industry that goes back 80 years. We have the expertise to help you manage your waste, providing significant financial benefits, peace of mind that you are meeting all of the required government legislation and the knowledge and reassurance that you are doing your bit to reduce the burden of waste on the environment. Our full range of services include:

  • A site survey and audit service where we will review your various waste streams, segregation and logistics size, and advise you of the possibilities for return on material.
  • Management of a wide range of waste materials, working on everything from co-mingled waste, bins and skips, FEL, cardboard, paper, all plastic types, aerosols and scrap metal.
  • We will manage hazardous waste materials, such as oil contaminated PPE, phosphates and asbestos.
  • A collection service that suits your business, whether that’s weekly or ad-hoc collections.

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