Phil Conran
Technical Advisor

Phil was General Manager responsible for producer responsibility and general recycling development at Biffa. He developed and managed Biffpack and Transform, two of the UK’s largest Compliance schemes for Packaging and WEEE. Phil was also responsible for the development of recycling solutions for local authorities and businesses, implementing many areas of legislative development within the company including pre-treatment, animal by-products and hazardous waste. He has also provided extensive external support, sitting on the Governments Advisory bodies for Packaging and WEEE producer responsibility. Since leaving Biffa, Phil has continued to be involved in producer compliance services through 360 Environmental.

Vicki Cooper
Technical Advisor

Vicki has been a key part of the Biffpack team, delivering low cost compliance to registered producers. More recently, she has managed a plastics recycling plant with responsibility for all aspects of the site’s operational, compliance and commercial activities. Over the past 18 months, Vicki has run her own consultancy delivering process and operational management support for operational facilities, as well as producer responsibility support on packaging.

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