Our culture

Our mission, vision and values are deeply rooted in our business. Shared by our team, they are the foundation for all that we do, shaping the way we work with our customers, business partners, suppliers and each other.

Our mission is to help smart business comply with environmental regulations.


To deliver transparency and cost reduction to the compliance, recycling and recovery sectors.


Our values underpin our operations, and best reflect who we are. We work to these values towards achieving our vision and mission.

1. Ethical

We are proud to be an ethical, caring and honest business and apply these principles to every decision we make.

2. Ambitious

Our team and our operations are constantly evolving, ever changing and growing to meet and exceed the expectations of those we work with.

3. Entrepreneurial

We are proud to be a savvy, high-achieving, intelligent, forward-thinking and knowledgeable company.

4. Passionate

The passion we have for the waste industry is apparent in both our day-to-day business and in our long term plans and ambitions.

5. Dedicated

People are at the heart of every business. At Clarity we support each member of our team as an individual, supporting both professional and personal growth, embracing diversity, and encouraging ideas and talent.

6. Sustainable

We continually strive to be a sustainable business, focussing on reducing waste, carbon and materials and have sought the most environmentally friendly methods of running our business from day one.

Latest news

Scrap Metal Dealers Act decision met with disappointment

The Home Office has been criticised for its decision to retain the Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA), rather than strengthen its powers.…

Further price drop for plastic PRNs

The verified packaging recycling data for Q3 was released by the Environment Agency on 9 November. After creeping up earlier this month, plastic prices have once again dropped in response to the positive results.…

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